Every organizition has expectations of conduct or behavior.

It is called many terms—behavior expectations, conduct, discipline, rules and regulations—and is essential for a successful band program. For the most part, band members want to be good and reach their potential. They understand that this is not possible without good conduct on their part.

  • Without discipline
    • The group does not achieve its potential.
    • Students are not focused and do not hear information.
    • Too much time is wasted.
    • It is not enjoyable/fun (contrary to what some may think).
  • With discipline
    • The band operates in a spirit of cooperation.
    • Students are focused and hear information.
    • Rehearsals are efficient.
    • Members take pride in being a part of the band and in striving for excellence.

We prefer to call the topic “behavior expectations” because this is how we, as a staff, expect the members to act. Some organizations have many rules for every detail and possible situation. We think it can be summed up in a few simple phrases—the Band Motto and three Band Expectations. Of course all high school rules and regulations always apply. The Band Expectations are the foundation on which our band operates, so it is important to review them.



Questions or Problems – talk to your leaders and then the staff to resolve them.  Don’t hesitate.

Strive to be your best and make the best decisions possible in all you do. The best award we receive is the compliment that the band members were mature, well mannered young ladies and gentlemen.  We hear that compliment frequently and want to maintain that tradition.

Be  Your Best

Band members are responsible for doing their best, working on their individual skills, and practicing.  All equipment must be brought to rehearsals as requested.

Be On Time 

In order to be prepared physically and mentally to begin the rehearsal, arrive 15 minutes before rehearsal time.

Show Respect

If you are “being your best” you will at all times show respect to other members, to the staff, to the parents and other adults who are here to help you and of course yourself.  Respect the band facilities, equipment, and uniforms and the traditions of the band program.