Duties Of The Board

Officer Duties

The President shall preside at all Booster Club meetings, oversee all aspects of the Booster Club program, call meetings of the membership and Executive Board when necessary, serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee, and perform other duties as requested by the Executive Board.

The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President, assist the President as requested, provide chaperone assistance to the Band as requested by the Band Director other duties as requested by the Executive Board.

The Treasurer shall record all financial matters of the Booster Club, collect receipts or bills for all disbursements, report on financial matters to the Executive Board and general membership, submit annual financial statements for review to the Executive Board and/or the Audit Committee which is appointed by the President, and perform other duties as requested by the Executive Board. It is recommended that the Treasurer has a strong financial and/or accounting background.

The Secretary shall record minutes of all Executive Board and general membership meetings; submit minutes for approval at successive meetings; prepare correspondence of the Booster Club in coordination with the Band Director, President, and/or Executive Board; and perform other duties as requested by the Executive Board.

All officers may be co-signers on Booster Club funds with the exception of YISD employees. Upon Band Director and Executive board approval.

Officers may serve as Committee Chairs with unanimous approval of the Executive Board.


Committees shall be appointed by the President. Removal of any committee person shall be by the President with the consent of a majority of the Executive Board.

Standing committees shall be Fundraising, Chaperones, Hospitality, Communications, Pit Crew, and Uniforms. All committees may be composed of a chairperson and a minimum of two other members. The President shall appoint the chairperson of each committee and the committee members. Any voting member in good standing shall be eligible for committee chairperson or committee membership.

The President shall coordinate all Booster Club fund raising projects.

The Membership Committee shall encourage the participation of Booster Club members in band activities.

The Hospitality Committee shall be responsible for feeding the band at all football games and contests, arranging pick up and distribution of drinks at each game, band parties, and additional activities requested by the Band Director as well as maintain a list of parent volunteers willing to assist in various functions.

The Vice President and Band Director shall be responsible for the program website, community outreach, advertising and publicity.

The Uniforms Committee shall take care of band uniforms.

The Pit Crew Committee shall be responsible for trailer maintenance; for hauling, loading, and unloading front ensemble and equipment at football games and various competitions throughout the year; and for coordinating volunteers to help with these responsibilities.

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