The mission of the Hanks High School Band Boosters is to promote excellence in education through support of an outstanding musical instrument (and dance!) program. We believe that a great band program develops the physical, mental, and spiritual gifts of our students. The discipline learned and the work habits rehearsed serve the band members for the balance of their life. How do the boosters support the program?

Serve as the guarantor for financial transactions with musical supply and service organizations. This means that we collect fees from students and their parents and guardians, but right one check to the vendor(s). This simplifies the interaction with the band for the vendors and makes them more prone to do business with us, usually at a lower cost to both parties. These fee collections are NOT fundraisers and we do our best to set the fees at the ‘break even’ point.

Raise funds to pay for or subsidize music education personnel and equipment. This means that we canvas local businesses, conduct sales, and sell lots and lots and lots of cokes, hot dogs, and nachos! We spend this money on master class instruction, musical scores, marching choreography, flags, equipment, instrument repair, and lots and lots and lots of other musical education related expenses.

Encourage and support each other as we send our students through the last phases of their education before they venture out on their own. You would be amazed at the quality and quantity of advice and information one can get while dispensing refreshments and slinging nacho cheese or riding the bus down Interstate 10.

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