Rehearsal Skills

The following is the band’s rehearsal philosophy:

Rehearsals will be conducted with a positive attitude in a pleasant atmosphere. Students will be focused, energetic and relaxed in order to achieve the outstanding results desired. The director and staff will be organized and efficient through careful planning and goal setting. These qualities will make the experience enjoyable and productive for students and staff alike.

Why is it important to have a rehearsal philosophy? A philosophy is an overall way of thinking about a subject. It helps to keep everyone’s attitudes on the same page. In order to have efficient, productive rehearsals, we need to have an approach that will be successful and this will happen if everyone maintains the ideals set forth.

What kind of cooperation is needed? Band is a team endeavor and only is successful if the teachers and the students work together in a cooperative effort. The staff has the knowledge and background to direct the team and the students have the skills, energy and enthusiasm to bring the performance to life. Any weak links in the team will cause the team to not reach its full potential. Each member is important in this effort.

How can the students be active participants in this process?   “You are your own best teacher” is a quotation that is very applicable to the marching band activity. There are literally thousands of visual counts and musical notes in a marching band show, and it is impossible for the staff members to correct everything. You are an active participant on this team and not a passive observer. Don’t wait to be told to fix a problem—fix it yourself. You can then take pride in truly being an important team member.

What is the band member’s role in this process? You should strive at all rehearsals to “Be Your Best” of course, but what does this mean?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Be prepared—within the available time, come to each rehearsal improved.
  • Be aware of your performance and everything around you—visually and musically.
  • Try to make an error only once.
  • Try to improve one thing in every segment visually or musically. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you.

What about mistakes?  Without mistakes there is no improvement. It is the natural way we all get better in all endeavors. The important thing is that you are aware so you can make improvements.

How should I feel if I am corrected for an error?  Thankful!  You appreciate a private lesson teacher for making a suggestion that makes you a better player. So it is in band. We are always trying to solve problems and make the performance better. Go ahead and say “Thanks!”[