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The Hanks High School Band Organization

The Hanks High School Band represents one of the finest organization of its kind in the United States. It is composed of over 200 members who exhibit the highest levels of discipline, dedication, achievement and performance. The program has helped to merit the Hanks High School Music Program the best in the state.

The Hanks Band has been the recipient of numerous awards, championships and honors, ranging from local and state contests. They have been a consistent Sweepstakes recipients  along with being participants at the State Marching Competition.

The Students

Each year, the band program begins within two weeks after the school year ends. Incoming freshman students from Hanks’s area middle schools participate in a two-week intense orientation, and marching fundamentals workshop. This includes both individual and group attention to fundamentals.

In August, the whole band begins its four-month journey into the season’s marching season by attending the summer band camp. It is at this time that the students begin working on the marching drill, as well as the music. All music is memorized and passed off to section leaders each week. Marching is judged each week by both directors and section leaders. This band camp culminates in the traditional “Welcome Back” concert held just before the school year opens.

Rehearsals during the season are held each day for specific sections, and then for the whole band. The camps and rehearsals are all conducted under the strict rules of the University Interscholastic Leagues (UIL) guidelines, which governs how many hours the students can practice each week. UIL rules also maintain that every student must maintain a passing grade in all scholastic work in order to participate in the band. As such, the band program also maintains a rigorous study habits and tutoring program for its participants.

During the marching season, which usually lasts from August through mid-November, depending on the progress of the football team, the students mature their marching program, but most pull double duty as they prepare their own personal etudes and performances for regional concert performance opportunities. Students have the opportunity to participate in region orchestra, region band, area band and state band competitions. The band provides access to the finest private lesson instructors in the area to help each student play to their highest level. Such efforts have resulted in Hanks having many students participate in the TMEA All Region ensembles. as well as qualifying for the prestigious Texas All State groups.. Also during the Fall, students find themselves poised for various region and state marching competitions, climaxing in the State Marching Championships held in San Antonio every even year.

As the school year winds into the Spring, the bands turn their attention into ensemble concert performances. The 200+ students are divided into three band programs, and each band prepares a repertoire of three pieces to perform at the Area UIL Concert competition. The students are judged on their performance on those pieces, as well as a sight reading competition. Hanks has won the sweepstakes award at UIL for many years.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is. Every student in the band personifies the excellence we seek in our society: perseverance, dedication, discipline, personal strength, leadership, and integrity. Its no wonder, that every year, one-half to two-thirds on the top ten, are members of the band. But even though its hard work, the students still manage to have a lot of fun, especially in the stands, on the bus, and on trips

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